We increase engagement through employee recognition, communication, inspiration, learning, mental health & wellness.

Improve employee productivity and help people thrive in all aspects of life.


DaysToHappy creates experiences

Inside the all-in-one employee engagement platform...

Employee experience platform
Leadership Journey

Customized Leadership Journeys guide and train leaders on the principles of employee engagement for optimal impact on their teams.

Discovery Journey

Discovery Journeys capture an engagement baseline, understand employee sentiment and prioritize areas of focus.

DISCOs (next-gen surveys), text analytics, and semantic analysis provide deeper insights into the mindset of employees.

Experience Journey

We create sequential and intentional Experience Journeys based on positive psychology and human science that are thirteen weeks of targeted and customized events/activities
designed to inspire, motivate, gather feedback, teach, reinforce, recognize, and communicate to the entire team.

Companies benefit from four thirteen-week Experience Journeys per year.


Experiences delivered to All Employees
via Mobile Technology

Typical MONDAY / WEDNESDAY / FRIDAY frequency

Employee experience platform

Employees Thrive Everywhere!

Happy & engaged employees

Employee experience platform
Receive intentional experiences
via text message  
throughout week
Ongoing data gathering
and analytics
Key learnings
& discoveries
into daily work life
Weekly dashboard results for leaders
+ next week plans

We use data together with human science to create Experience Journeys that are targeted, purposeful and designed to create positive change across your organization & engage employees.

We deliver a done-for-you employee experience strategy and a built in plan for execution.

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