The world's first all-in-one employee experience platform that increases engagement.

Daily Engagement & Video-Based
Employee Communication

Motivate, connect, train and inspire employees every day
so your organization thrives.

Give every employee a voice

...the opportunity to be seen
& heard every day so the opinions of employees matter.

Change lives with video recognition

...create emotional connections with peer-to-peer recognitions.

Inspire employees
every day

...enjoy self-discovery activities, wellness programs & mindfulness sessions.

Reach all your employees

...get the leadership team in front of every employee every week.

movie clips

Employees get a quick pick-me-up
from motivational Hollywood movie clips.

Customized experience journeys

An Experience Journey is a sequenced set of intentional experiences leveraging the best of human and behavioral science to reinforce and support desired change.

We bring the best of human science, positive psychology and next-gen technology together to create purposeful experiences that help employees feel more engaged at work and happier in life.

Your favorite dashboard is only a text message away

Spend 2 seconds or 2 hours scrolling through the latest employee engagement data, findings, recognitions and feedback.

An inside look at the Employee Experience System

We design & deliver customized employee experience journeys wrapped in your company brand. Send regular & timely messages to all employees, increase unity & communication throughout the company.

-- plus lots of smiles, laughs, spilled drinks, sleepless nights, bags under the eyes, messed up hair, worn out sandals & many walks in the sun to refresh, reenergize, rejuvenate.

Engage Employees Every Day
wherever they’re working

With our next-gen mobile technology, we engage employees every day regardless of where they are working: at home, on the road, in the office, on the beach, or on the slopes.

We increase Employee Engagement

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