AVA—The Future of Happy Employees

Our AI-powered virtual mental health & life coach improves the mental health of your employees in weeks. Watch your teams overcome depression, anxiety, sadness, stress, fear, anger, hopelessness at scale & be happier.


We improve employee experience.

The Magic of Ava

Employee Engagement

Now, more than ever before, winning the hearts and minds of employees is critical to business success. Ava makes it easier than ever before to improve engagement at scale across the organization leveraging the employee's eDNA (23 engagement indicators).

Leadership Development

Leaders have the biggest influence on creating highly engaged cultures. Ava helps leaders know precisely what action to take to make the most positive impact each week leverage the leaders L-DNA (23 leadership indicators).

Employee Development

Employees are often neglected in engagement solutions. Ava inspires every employee to take control of their own engagement and not wait for leaders or companies to take action.

How Ava works

97% usage rate & 100% mobile

AI-Powered Platform
Ava creates & delivers timely
experience journeys based on the employee's eDNA.
Employee experience platform
Ava is launched via a simple text message.
Employee experience platform
Employees & leaders
thrive wherever they're working.
Employee experience platform

Daily Engagement & Video-Based
Employee Communication

Motivate, connect, train and inspire employees every day
so your organization thrives.

Give every employee a voice

...the opportunity to be seen
& heard every day so the opinions of employees matter.

Change lives with video recognition

...create emotional connections with peer-to-peer recognitions.

Inspire employees
every day

...enjoy self-discovery activities, wellness programs & mindfulness sessions.

Reach all your employees

...get the leadership team in front of every employee every week.

movie clips

Employees get a quick pick-me-up
from motivational Hollywood movie clips.

Behind the scenes

Ava designs & delivers customized employee experience journeys wrapped in your company brand that change employee behavior & helps your employees thrive. Get regular & timely feedback from your employees, recognize coworkers & increase unity & communication throughout the company.

-- plus lots of smiles, unforgettable laughs, emotional stories, long-lasting connections & lifetime friends.

Customized employee experience journeys

An Experience Journey is a sequenced set of intentional experiences leveraging the best of human & behavioral science to reinforce & support desired change.

We bring the best of human science, positive psychology  & next-gen technology together to create purposeful experiences that help employees feel more engaged at work & happier in life.